Holy Name of Jesus School offers enrichment opportunites to enhance classroom learning.  

Enrichment Math is an opportunity for students in Grades 3-6.  Eligibility is based on test scores and teacher recommendations. Various resources are used, including IXL, Singapore Math, and Holt McDougal. Math units are aligned with the state standards.  Students in the enrichment classes are expected to be responsible and motivated to learn. Placement is regularly reevaluated. 

Reading Support is offered at Holy Name of Jesus to the students who need additional practice with their literacy skills.   The goal of Reading Support is to accelerate each student’s reading level and skills by providing an individual or small group setting where they can receive specific instruction and feedback as they learn.  The Primary grades (K-2) focus on emergent literacy skills such as letter identification, phonics skills, word work, and leveled text reading.  The Intermediate grades (3-6) focus on word work, comprehension skills, and fluency.  Writing and spelling skills are integrated into all lessons.  The students who participate in Reading Support strengthen their literacy skills as they strive to meet their academic goals in their classroom.

The goal of the Reading Enrichment program is to offer support to children who are reading at an advanced level. During reading enrichment, the class meets the state standard through novel studies that are written at an advanced level.  The program is offered daily, to children in grades 3 – 6 and weekly to children in grades 1 and 2. The students must qualify for the program based on NWEA test results, STAR Reading test results and teacher recommendations.

Students who are interested may also participate in many different academic enrichement classes after school.  The goal of HNOJ School is to provide these educational opportunities to strike the interest and passions of the students. To learn more about each of these opportunities, contact the school office.