Art at Holy Name is a hands-on program. Students explore a variety of art forms from drawing and painting to three-dimensional sculpture and clay projects. We also participate in Art Adventure, which is an art appreciation program coordinated through the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Every art experience the students have relate to the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Through this weekly process of discovery students develop skills and a sense of self- expression through their art work.

ArtArtArt 3

The Holy Name of Jesus Band Program welcomes all students in grades 4, 5 and 6.  There are currently two bands, Beginning and Advanced, that meet weekly, before or after school.  Weekly, small group lessons are scheduled during the school day.  


Becoming a member of the HNOJ Band Family is a sure way to boost academic awareness and sharpen life skills for success in any subject.  Music is a wonderful outlet and a confidence builder for so many.  As they progress on their instruments, the band students learn how to focus more clearly and as a bonus, it puts them in a better mood that is conducive to learning.  


The media center at Holy Name of Jesus is designed to help students learn literacy skills that are embedded into the curriculum. By guiding students toward self-discovery and self-direction, the library media program assists in promoting the learning of skills and attitudes essential to academic and personal development.

February is Love to Read Month. Our students create doors that represent their favorite books. Here are some of the favorites from this year.

Sick SimonArnie the Donut

WonderWonder by 4th GradeWho Is?Treasure Hunters


Wonder 2 by 4th The muGreat Treehouse Warsic program at Holy Name of Jesus School promotes the-well rounded musician by instilling not only the skills necessary for quality vocal and instrumental performance, but a solid foundation of knowledge of the technical elements of music. Students experience music through a variety of lenses in the classroom, and have many opportunities to sing, play classroom instruments such as the recorder and ukulele, and listen critically to different musical genres and styles. The goal of the HNOJ music program is to develop in each student an appreciation for music as an art form, so that whether they go on to perform at the next level or not, they will still recognize music’s value as both a source of entertainment and of prayer. Students in preschool come to music class once per week, and students in grades K-6 meet twice per week.


Recorders Music And Recorders

The ​goal ​of ​Physical ​Education ​at ​Holy ​Name ​of ​Jesus ​School ​is ​to ​promote ​activity ​now ​and ​to ​develop ​a desire ​to ​stay ​active ​for ​a ​lifetime. ​In ​most ​class ​sessions, ​social ​skills, ​safety, ​or ​health ​information ​are integrated ​into ​the ​games ​and ​activities. Good ​sportsmanship is integrated into every lesson. Grades Kindergarten thru Sixth have Physical Education twice a week.


Language and communication are the heart of all human experiences. The goal of Spanish education is for students to be able to express themselves in Spanish (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and to develop an awareness of the Spanish speaking culture as well as for all students to be able to demonstrate their understanding of the language and culture. The Spanish program at Holy Name of Jesus School is based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning and built on the 5 C Standards for Learning Spanish: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities.

Students in Kindergarten – 6th grade have Spanish class twice a week and Preschoolers are seen once a week.

Holy Name of Jesus STEM Lab builds a foundation for innovation by teaching our students to be problem solvers and 21st century leaders. Focussing on science, technology, math, and engineering the STEM Lab provides experiences, skills, and values that will prepare them to be self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners. Students utilize critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity to find and solve problems making God’s world a better place for everyone.

This year the STEM lab has partnered with MN Zoo, The Jeffers Foundation and Southwest Airlines.  

To see more in our STEM lab, click here


Stem 2




The Technology Lab at Holy Name of Jesus School is a place for students to develop technology skills across curriculum areas. Technology is viewed as a tool to enhance academic excellence.

Student Goals:

  • Develop computer literacy skills
  • Become familiar with commonly-used software programs
  • Utilize online collaboration tools in G-Suite for Education
  • Gain experience in on-line research, video creation and blogging
  • Explore educational activities that improve their technology skills
  • Learn and teach other students about Digital Citizenship
  • Strengthen keyboarding skills

Kindergarten students attend computer lab once per week for 30 minutes. First through sixth grade students attend twice per week for 30 minutes each. Our goal is to integrate technology into our classroom curriculum areas.

We accomplish this through:

  • Each classroom has a SMARTboard and classroom computer
  • Chromebooks in our newly updated technology lab
  • 1:1 Chromebook program in grades 5 and 6.
  • 1:2 Laptop cart for classroom use in 4th grade Classroom
  • iPads in grades 1 - 4